Amplifications are the driving force behind the HyperSpace economy.
Amplifying is a simple economic signal, an action available to every user. It is voting with something more at stake than a mouse click. It’s a like with money.

Amplifying – “investing” AMPs in a post – does three things:

  1. It increases the post’s visibility in the Space and in other users’ feeds
  2. It distributes the invested AMPs between those people responsible for the post’s creation and for it coming to your attention in the first place; it rewards every value-creation act on the information’s path to you.
  3. It gives you a “stake” in the post; it allows you to earn AMPs if the post is Amplified again after you. The sooner you AMP, the more you receive later.

Activating AMPs

AMPs received as UBI start as “inactive”. These AMPs can be used freely in HyperSpace, but cannot be withdrawn.
When Amplifying a post, inactive AMPs are activated if the post was made in a verified Space.
In contrast, if the Amplification is made to a post in an unverified Space, the inactive AMPs will remain inactive.

Amplifications made with inactive AMPs give them a 45-day timer until they become active. AMP recipients get them with TTU=45, meaning the AMPs would be withdrawable in 45 days.
TTU>0 AMPs can be used to Amplify content further and will be used in priority when Amplifying versus lower TTU AMPs or active AMPs.

The Numbers

HyperSpace’s attention economy model is designed to remove the middlemen involved in content creation, distribution, and curation while enabling all value-creating parties involved directly to benefit financially.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 60% – allocated to the creator.
  • 20% – allocated to post engagement participants. It is split between the top ten contributors to post engagement. The breakdown can be viewed here.
  • 18% –  allocated for Space Managers and the Space Admin customizes the amount to be divided between themselves and the Moderators. 
  • 2% – acts as an anti-inflationary mechanism, helping the HyperSpace economy and the number of AMPs circulating stay proportional to the amount of activity taking place.

Additionally, referring people to the post from outside of HyperSpace – posting the link on social networks or messaging your friends – gives the referrer a share of AMPs. Here’s how it works:

  1. You shared a great piece of content from HyperSpace with your friends on other social networks.
  2. Someone in your network clicked to view it, signed up to HyperSpace, and Amplified the post you shared. You get 15% of your friend’s Amplification, and the creator gets 85%.
  3. If your friend is already on HyperSpace but new to the Space: You get 7.5% and the creator will receive 92.5%.

All numbers are subject to change as we experiment with and shape HyperSpace forming economy. AMP on!

The AMP allocation process runs daily, at midnight GMT.

Comments will become Amplifiable as well in a future update.