In an age where information is infinitely copyable, digital content creators have a hard time monetizing their works. The new economic model HyperSpace is employing incentivizes users to support content creators, allowing even the smallest ones to make some money for their efforts.

Beyond financial support, HyperSpace users are also incentivized to find and bring in new audiences for content creators on the site. Creators may also form their own Spaces and manage their communities there, enjoying the additional benefits reserved for Space admins.

Content is published in the form of a post containing formatted text, images and embedded players from various other content sites (YouTube, MixCloud, etc). All posts are published to one or more Spaces.

The post’s creator can gain followers from within the community and use the community’s power and HyperSpace’s incentivization model to gain additional exposure. The more positive attention a creator gets inside a community, the greater his reputation will be and the more AMPs and exposure he’ll receive.


Registering to HyperSpace

Head over to hyperspace.app and register. In HyperSpace, every user is a potential creator!

How to choose a Space

Creators are charged with the important task of selecting where to publish their posts. To optimize the reward stemming from one’s efforts and AMPs, it is skillful to select a Space where the existing community is highly appreciative of topics and posts similar to yours. Remember: spamming your post unskillfully will cost you AMPs better spent elsewhere and may lead to your removal from a few Spaces – or altogether from HyperSpaces if you’re a repeat offender.

Creating a new post

Simply go to the Space you want to post in and hit the “Create Post” button.

To add embedded players to your post, follow these steps:

Videos – e.g. YouTube, Vimeo

  1. Find the “Quick Insert” floating button in the text editor and click on “Insert Video”
  2. Enter the video URL
  3. Click “OK” and you’re done!

Embedded players – e.g. podcasts

  1. Click the “Embed Players” button in the text editor
  2. Paste the embedded link
  3. Click “Insert” and you’re done!

Publishing and promoting your posts

When you publish a post to a Space, it becomes visible in it. If you’ve selected your Spaces well, HyperSpace curators, invested in identifying quality content early, will start Amplifying your post. Other members will also publish the post outside HyperSpace to enjoy a bonus for introducing new members to the platform and to your work.

You can also promote the post outside of HyperSpace yourself using the share links available on the menu on the top-left side of every post. You can share directly to Facebook or Twitter, or simply copy the link and share it by email, direct message, or by repeatedly shouting the URL from the rooftops.

The Numbers

How do I earn AMPs?

You earn AMPs every time a HyperSpace user Amplifies your posts. You’ll earn 85% of the AMPs from a referred user new to HyperSpace and 60% of the AMPs when an existing user in HyperSpace Amplifies your post. The rest of the AMPs are given to other users who have contributed to the curation process of your post or to the attention-drawing nature of the Space you post in.

In the future, Amplifications originating directly from your profile will net you 100% of the AMPs.

How do I withdraw AMPs?

You can withdraw AMPs once they have been activated. See the “Amplification” section for more details. Please allow up to 3 business days for withdrawals to be processed.

Note: withdrawals will only be available in the Beta. All AMPs collected by then will remain in your possession to withdraw or use as you see fit.