HyperSpace will become fully decentralized and distributed, giving away all power and control to the community of its participants. By portioning out all existing centralized locations of control and removing centralized failure points, HyperSpace becomes more of a protocol than an application; by Phase 4, it becomes integrated into the Internet itself rather than being an entity floating on top of it.

Facebook sneaking user information out to third parties and YouTube applying arbitrary restrictions to channel content and monetization schemes quickly become distant memories, relegated to a peculiar side note in the history of the Internet. With each new module leaving our hands as an incorporated entity, even HyperSpace stops being a party to the flow of information and value in the forming, truly peer-to-peer social network.

While HyperSpace aims to be fully decentralized, we do not intend to compromise on its user experience. We believe that creating a platform that provides real-world use to people is more important than having a utopian-but-clunky one. As well, we acknowledge that decentralization is not just a technological affair, rather an organizational, and even philosophical, principle – utilizing ever-improving technologies to become realized and unappealable.

You can see our plans for further decentralization in our roadmap. HyperSpace is currently decentralized in the following ways:

1) Content Saved on a Decentralized Cloud

Every post you make in HyperSpace gets hosted on a decentralized cloud, forever available and retrievable regardless of the status of HyperSpace. For this purpose, we’re using IPFS, and have created a solution combining the best of both centralized and decentralized worlds.

Let’s walk through an example to understand how this works:

  1. You make a post on HyperSpace. Hurray! https://alpha.hyperspace.app/post/5c180cb0ab000700064cce13
  2. The post gets uploaded to HyperSpace’s centralized server as well as to HyperSpace’s IPFS node. https://file.hyperspace.app/ipfs/QmQcRcrjNCmo6mWB3gomsvBgYikdQBMwiPt6dbbWKJi6BS
  3. The post gets disseminated to other IPFS nodes and becomes retrievable from the cloud – from outside, and regardless, of HyperSpace. https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmQcRcrjNCmo6mWB3gomsvBgYikdQBMwiPt6dbbWKJi6BS
  4. ^^ Kind of slow, isn’t it? That’s why when you do browse through HyperSpace.app, your content is quickly retrieved from our standard centralized server. As long as decentralized hosting isn’t robust enough to serve pages quickly and reliably, we’ll continue relying on this standard method to serve our users — while beginning to seed the cloud and making your content untakedownable.

To see your post’s IPFS hash, click the “…” found next to every post on HyperSpace.

As we develop, more and more features related to the content will be migrated such that they’re available outside of HyperSpace; Amplifications, referrals, AMP allocation, and so on, to create a complete decentralized experience.

2) Currency Lives on the Blockchain

This one’s a no-brainer. HyperSpace’s native digital currency, the AMP, isn’t another virtual game token subject to the whims of its creators, but rather a property you own. There is a finite and known amount of it in existence, making it an economic quantity you can count on.

Based on the Omni-Protocol, the original and still most robust and secure meta-layer created on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, AMPs you hold in your blockchain wallet are yours and completely outside of the purview and control of HyperSpace – just like Bitcoin.

For more information about transferring and storing AMPs, see this guide.

3) Spaces Are Owned by Their Creators

Our aim for HyperSpace Spaces is that they each will be governed in unique ways – in terms of their content types and guidelines, economies, governance models, forms of communities, and more. Each Space is its own, self-governing and self-sustaining entity.

What HyperSpace is offering is a space where you can test and form the ideal community you want to be part of. This is one of the main values of decentralization; no longer must we appeal to the lowest common denominator or adhere to the structure defined by the platform’s business model. Decentralization allows pockets of Internet to self-define and self-organize while still being interconnected and interdependent – in the best of ways, with shared protocols, language, currency, and user base – with the community at large.

In this stage of HyperSpace, the tools we offer Space Admins are relatively minimal. As we develop further, more and more ways to customize and organize Spaces to their exact specifications will be made available.