Cultivating a thriving online community and keeping it free of spam, flame wars, and irrelevant content takes a lot of effort. HyperSpace has developed tools to recognize this hard work and has created a mechanism to compensate Space admins such that they get rewarded for creating fertile grounds for communities that are useful and enjoyable for their members, driving the community towards growth and success.

Every HyperSpace user can create a new Space and become its admin. As a significant participant in the Space’s incentivization model, the Space admin earns 10% of the AMPs accumulated in his Space’s stream.


Managing a Space is no simple task. To drive a Space to success, motivated and proactive admins will:

  1. Approach creators and make sure the group feed is filled with good, fresh and attractive content
  2. Filter out spam posts and make sure the Space is not abused or vandalized
  3. Nurture users who contribute to the community, while blocking community abusers
  4. Uphold privacy and copyright regulations to the highest standard


Space admins have a variety of tools that enable them to:

  1. Verify and reject posts
  2. Block users
  3. Set a Space posting fee
  4. Mark the Space as age restricted
  5. Appoint Space Moderators
  6. Determine what percentage of the admin income is shared with the moderators

Creating a Space

A Space can be created from the site’s side menu. The Space admin needs to select a name, slogan and cover images to represent the Space, and decide whether there will be a posting fee. These can later be edited in the Space settings page.

To create a Space and receive income from it, the admin needs to deposit AMPs. This is called Space Staking. Please note that currently, although there is a Space creation fee, full Space Staking capabilities are still in development. The original stake is a fixed fee. However, after the Space is created, the stake becomes dynamic, with the stake amount derived from the Space’s activity (see details below). The Space stake is paid automatically through the HyperSpace System.

Spaces always need to have an admin who has staked AMPs in it. If a Space admin wishes to withdraw their stake, they need to transfer ownership of the Space to another admin, who then takes over and maintains the Space’s stake. Contact support  if you wish to do so.

Verifying Spaces

Spaces can either be verified or unverified. The Spaces are identical in all but one aspect – in verified Spaces, Amplifications activate inactive AMPs (AMPs received through UBI).

Amplifications made with inactive AMPs give them a 45-day timer until they become active. AMP recipients get these AMPs with TTU=45, meaning the AMPs would be withdrawable in 45 days.

TTU>0 AMPs can be used to Amplify content further and will be used in priority when Amplifying versus lower TTU AMPs or active AMPs.

When a user creates a new Space, it is initialized in an “unverified” state; UBI AMPs given to verified posts in the group are not activated.

Currently, verification of Spaces is handled by HyperSpace. In the future, this process will be handled by the community, choosing which Spaces and their admins are worthy of having the power to activate UBI AMPs.

To verify your Space, please fill out this application.

Reviewing posts

It is the Space admin’s responsibility (with the possible help of appointed moderators) to review their Space, ensure all posts meet the Space’s requirement and reject them if they don’t. When inside a post, the admin can verify or reject the content as well as block the user from posting in the Space again. Only verified posts are displayed to other users in the Space’s feed, and only they can be Amplified, so it’s important to review posts quickly!

Posts that do not reflect genuine, relevant content must be rejected. HyperSpace supports both creators and curators: posts containing original content can link to others’ posts and creations as long as credit is given to the content’s original creator (or it’s implicitly clear they’re not the poster’s work), whether inside HyperSpace or outside of it.

Once a post has been edited by its creator, its status reverts to the verified or rejected status it had before the edit.

The Space is a financial entity where users give AMPs to posts they enjoy. Space admins and moderators need to make sure that users do not abuse Spaces by Amplifying fake posts of friends or transferring AMPs for illegitimate reasons by any other means.

Appointing Space Moderators

The Space admin can appoint moderators to form a joint Space governance. All Space moderators are paid an identical share of the Space’s income and receive identical permissions.

(In the future, more roles and compensation schemes will come online.)

Communicating with HyperSpace community managers

The Space admin and moderators need to report serious issues such as copyright violation, privacy violation, fraud, or any other issue they are not sure about to the HyperSpace’s community manager. Please email support or post on #report-abuse Discord channel (recommended).

The Numbers

10% of the AMPs earned by a Space – from posting fees and Amplifications in it – are given to the Space’s admin.

The Space staking amount is a fixed fee. Then, from days 1-30 since the Space was created, the required stake amount is half of the total admin income + [fixed base stake amount] AMPs.

After 30 days, the Space stake is based on a moving average and is half of the previous month’s income + [fixed base stake amount] AMPs.

Moderators are paid a share of the Space admin’s revenues. The Space admin chooses what percentage of admin income is allocated to moderators. The allocation is split evenly among them.