A Space in HyperSpace is where people come together to post, comment on, and Amplify content around a particular topic, hobby, or interest. Each Space is an economic entity unto itself, whose community is incentivized socially and financially to make grow and thrive; to make it a lucrative target for the best creators to post in, and for many people to give their attention to.

When the Space’s participants channel their energy together, they can stand out – inside of HyperSpace and beyond.

Verified Spaces

Spaces can either be verified or unverified. The Spaces are identical in all but one aspect – in verified Spaces, Amplifications activate inactive AMPs (AMPs received through UBI).

Amplifications made with inactive AMPs give them a 45-day timer until they become active. AMP recipients get these AMPs with TTU=45, meaning the AMPs would be withdrawable in 45 days.
TTU>0 AMPs can be used to Amplify content further and will be used in priority when Amplifying versus lower TTU AMPs or active AMPs.

Currently, verification of Spaces is handled by HyperSpace. In the future, this process will be handled by the community, choosing which Spaces and their admins are worthy of having the power to activate UBI AMPs.

To verify your Space, please fill out this application.

Posting Fee

To post to a Space in HyperSpace, the poster has to pay a fee that goes to the Space. Space admins determine this number themselves, changing it in accordance with the demand for posting in the Space and other parameters allowing them to shape the nature of the group.

The Numbers

While most of the AMPs from every Amplification go to a post’s creator (see “Amplification” for more info), a certain share is allocated to the group as well as to the post’s previous Amplifiers. This share is divided into 2 revenue streams, reflecting the users’ contributions to the specific post’s success and their general contribution to the group as a whole.

Post stream

AMPs from each Amplification are split between the top 10 contributors to the post, ranked using the following formula:
Σ (AMPs ^ 2 / User_Pos)

  • AMPs = The amount of AMPs in the specific Amplification
  • User_Pos = The user’s position when he Amplified the post in this specific Amplification (the first Amplifier is 1, second Amplifier is 2, etc).

AMPs are distributed to ranked users based on the amount of AMPs invested and the position of their Amplification:

The highest ranking user gets 25%
The 2nd highest ranking user gets 20%
The 3rd gets 15%
The 4th gets 12%
The 5th gets 8%
The 6-10 get 4% each

it’s possible to Amplify a post more than once. A newly generated score based on the amount Amplified and its position in the post will be added to the original score, increasing your ranking accordingly.

For the Space stream, see User Power.