With supporters from the full range of the political spectrum, as well as tech leaders such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk agreeing on its usefulness – as well as its inevitability, Universal Basic Income (UBI) is everyone’s new favorite idea for the economy.

An idea whose time has come in HyperSpace. With UBI, everyone can participate in the online content economy, rather than just those with disposable income. And in an era where information is frictionlessly copyable and content is expected to be distributed and consumed for free, creators of content can finally be supported by their audiences without having to compromise on their art.

In HyperSpace, each active user who has properly verified their mobile phone number receives a daily allocation of AMP as Universal Basic Income. With this income, they’re free to participate in the platform in whichever way they wish: to support their favorite creators, to Amplify and increase the reach of certain posts on the network – earning more if others do the same, to stake the funds necessary to establish their own new Spaces, or to invest the amount required for their post to be published to a Space.

UBI is the foundation allowing HyperSpace to draw the best content creators to its platform and for the best communities on the web to form and thrive.


To receive UBI, sign up to HyperSpace and verify your account using your mobile phone.

To continue receiving UBI every day, you need to spend the AMPs you’ve received on previous days.
You can store up to three days’ worth of UBI-AMPs before you’ll stop receiving new ones. Go out there and spend them!

The Numbers

As of July 2019, the daily UBI per user is 100 AMPs.

How did we get to this number?

UBI on HyperSpace started at the equivalent of one USD, then moved steadily towards a daily allotment of $0.33, before rising to two dollars.

AMP has since been untethered from USD. However, throughout the several iterations of UBI on HyperSpace, we have observed that one thing is constant: increasing UBI also increases AMPs spending and incentivizes content creators to produce and post more. Therefore, even as AMP was unpegged from the US dollar, the daily UBI remains exactly 100 AMPs per day.

On Spotify, you pay to hear music. On HyperSpace, you get paid to appreciate music.
On Netflix, you pay to watch a video. On HyperSpace, you get paid to create the Space with the best video content.
On Facebook, you’re the product being sold to advertisers. On HyperSpace, you’re the purpose.