What is User Power

HyperSpace rewards top contributing members based on their user power. Those effort posts which help define the community? The people who take time out of their day to share their knowledge and insight with you? Their user Power increases, allowing them to receive a greater share of the AMPs flowing through every post they Amplify.

How is User Power Calculated

The User Power score is updated every time an engagement event occurs involving the user within a given post.

To avoid a situation where veteran users remain dominant due to their past activity, the “user power” decays over time. Users engaging in recent activity will receive more rewards than users who have not acted in a while - recent events receive higher “user power” weight than the past one.

The Numbers

Actions that attract new users to the group carry even more weight as they contribute to the group’s expansion.

User Power increases if you:

  1. Post content that gets Amplified by other users
  2. Amplify a post that gets re-Amplified by others
  3. Share a post outside of HyperSpace that motivates a new user to join HyperSpace and Amplify that post (this is called being a distributor)

In the future, other actions signaling contributions to the content will be taken into account, such as user comments being Amplified.

Eighteen percent of every Amplification is allocated for Space Managers, and the Space Admin customizes the amount to be divided between themselves and the Moderators.

Additional details regarding the distribution of Amplifications can be viewed here.

In the future, this allocation will be governed by smart contracts; Space creators will be able to define the specific numbers for their Space, as well as different governance models, potentially making their Spaces more appealing and competitive in this manner.

All numbers are subject to change as we experiment with and shape HyperSpace forming economy. AMP on!