This page contains a full guide with instructions on how to purchase and store AMPs.

How to Purchase and Store AMPs in an Online Wallet

Step 1: Create an AMP-friendly wallet

First, you’ll need to have a wallet that can store AMPs.
If you don’t have one, we recommend you use, a simple online wallet.
Other wallets that can store Bitcoin will work as well. Just make sure you choose one that allows you to own the private key (e.g., Electrum, Bitcoin-Core).

Please note: not every wallet that stores AMPs is able to display the AMP balance. You may need to use omniwallet, omnichest, or the like if you want to see your balance.


- Pay close attention to the instructions
- Write down your credentials
- Store your credentials in a safe place

Step 2: Buy AMPs

AMPs can be purchased on various online exchanges using Bitcoin (BTC) or a credit card (at a higher fee). In this section, we’ll describe both options and instruct you on how to buy Bitcoin, should you wish to do so.

Option A: Buying AMPs on exchanges

To obtain the best rates and fees, we recommend exchanging BTC to AMPs, using or Other exchanges where you can trade BTC (or any other supported currency) to AMPs can be found here.

  1. Choose an exchange
  2. Look for the Sign-Up button
  3. Follow the instructions

For security reasons, most major exchange services require a detailed account verification process, which may include sending a copy of your ID or your bank account details. Make sure you’re providing accurate information, and verify that your address is written correctly.

Option B: Buying AMPs with a credit card

Some exchange services allow you to buy AMPs using a credit card, instead of Bitcoin, such as While this option may be more convenient, please note that it may involve higher fees and hold several restrictions, such as mandatory minimum/maximum amounts, a limited number of allowed transactions per day, etc.

  1. Select USD or EUR in the You have field
  2. Select AMP in the You get field
  3. Enter the desired amounts
  4. Click Exchange!
  5. Follow the instructions

Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoins (BTC) can be done using various exchange services, including:


It is recommended not to keep BTC or AMP on exchange accounts for long-term storage. The following section provides a safer alternative.

How to cold-store AMPs

While exchanges are great for buying and trading cryptocurrencies, they are NOT safe for storing tokens or coins, especially long-term. Do your best to keep your assets off of exchanges and web wallets. Exchanges do get hacked!

AMP tokens are based on the Omni Protocol, which means they can be stored on a standard Bitcoin address.

This step-by-step guide will explain how to store and move your AMPs safely. Make sure to follow it carefully.


Make sure to use a small amount of AMPs to first test the process. Realize that if you handle high quantities of tokens and accidentally do something incorrectly, you WILL lose them all and will NOT be able to get them back. Be cautious, alert, and attentive!

Step 1: Download a suitable Bitcoin wallet

Suitable Wallets

Unsuitable Wallets

  • Wallets that use 3 key pairs
  • Ethereum wallets

Confirm you have a suitable wallet with the above list or download a different compatible 2-key pair Bitcoin wallet. This tutorial will instruct you on how to use the Electrum 2-key pair Bitcoin wallet.


Write down the SEED and PASSWORD by hand and store it in a secure place. This is crucial. Lose this information, and you will lose your AMPs! While cryptocurrency gives you the freedom of being your own bank, you must act carefully and responsibly, as there are no intermediaries to retrieve lost tokens. Be sure to use strong passwords!

Step 2: Setup Your Wallet [Electrum]

  1. Label your AMP address
    Once your wallet is ready, edit the address you are given with a sensible description for easy reference. AMPs will not be visible directly from your Bitcoin wallet, so make sure to add that written reminder and print it out. It’s advised to print out this address and back it up somewhere safe and secure. Keep the printout and your handwritten password/wallet SEED in a fireproof, safe and secure place.
  2. Send a small amount of BTC and AMP
    Transfer a few AMPs to the same Bitcoin address to test the process.
    For example, try sending 0.01 BTC and 5 AMPs:
    Once the Bitcoin has arrived in your wallet, it’s almost certain the AMPs are there as well, even though they will not be visible. For that reason, it’s highly advisable to go to and check the address’ balance to verify the transfer was successful.
  3. Create an Omniwallet account
    Sign up on and create a new Omniwallet account. Choose a strong password and store the password in a secure place.
    To prevent phishing, we suggest apps which use Two-factor authentication (2FA), such as Google Authenticator or Authy. To do this:

    1. Go to the Account Settings page, under my account tab
    2. Click MFA to add Multi-factor authentication (MFA) device
    3. Use the authentication app of your choice to verify your identity. QR code scan is considered the easiest way. Be sure to save the MFA Token Secret, and store it in a secure place.
  4. Copy private key from “AMP STORAGE ADDRESS” in your Bitcoin wallet
    Right-click and select the private key from the “AMP STORAGE ADDRESS”, copy it to your clipboard, or manually enter it into Omniwallet. For security reasons, you don’t need to print this information out, nor should you.
  5. Import Bitcoin private key into Omniwallet
    Select Import address with private key and paste in the private key you copied earlier. Omniwallet will create a new address, which you’ll use to move the AMPs associated with your Bitcoin wallet.
  6. Complete the testing process

    1. Copy the new address from your Omniwallet
    2. Send a small amount of BTC from your Electrum wallet to the new address.
    3. Wait for the transaction to complete. Bitcoin transaction times may vary, sometimes reaching 30 minutes or more. After the BTC has moved, you will be able to send your AMPs.
    4. Send your AMPs back to an exchange.

    Once the AMPs have arrived, you can rest assured that everything is set correctly and that larger quantities of AMPs can be moved safely.

  7. Create a new Bitcoin address without sharing its private key
    For extra safety, it’s recommended to create a new Bitcoin receiving address whose private key has never been shared and is known only to you. Repeat the process, alter descriptions as desired, store address information with the rest of your paperwork, move your AMPs into it, and use the Omniwallet explorer to verify the process’s success, as explained earlier.


You now have the means and knowledge to store your AMPs safely and securely in your Bitcoin wallet, offline.

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