What is HyperSpace?

HyperSpace offers community-owned spaces where members are rewarded and recognized for creating and sharing the content most appreciated by their peers. Whether you’re a content creator, consumer or curator, HyperSpace offers you a novel way to monetize the value you create online and make your community thrive.

What is special about HyperSpace?

The tools developed at HyperSpace, based on the most advanced technologies that power the modern Internet, allow for an entirely new approach to human communication, storytelling, idea sharing, and artistic creation – without being held at the mercy and leisure of a lord or mega-corporation. And thanks to new, sustainable economic models and a globally-attentive and supportive audience, you can enjoy wide exposure, recognition, and compensation for your creative efforts.

What can I do with HyperSpace? How can HyperSpace help me?

HyperSpace is where you can create, share and find content you like – powered by an economic model that allows you to earn money while doing so, based on your participation and involvement in the social community. You can also create your own spaces, build and grow entire online communities according to your vision, and become a recognized community social leader.

You receive a daily UBI allotment of AMPs (HyperSpace’s digital currency) just for being a HyperSpace user. You also earn AMPs by adding value, i.e. by publishing posts or sharing content that other users like and reward with AMPs. In turn, when you come across content you enjoy, you can Amplify it and reward the person who posted it with AMPs of your own.

Every day, a sizable portion of the overall amount of AMPs generated within a Space is distributed between the community’s moderators and top contributing users.

Is HyperSpace just for people who understand cryptocurrency?

Of course not! HyperSpace was specifically designed for the mass market, avoiding all technical “crypto” obstacles. There is no special knowledge required at all. HyperSpace is a platform for the online social media you’re used to – only better.

Is HyperSpace decentralized?

HyperSpace is currently partially decentralized and will continuously become even more so. While AMPs live on the blockchain are fully decentralized tokens, some aspects of the HyperSpace platform are still centrally controlled by Space managers and the Synereo team, for the time being. In the future, the HyperSpace community will be given even more control over governance and smart contract decisions.
The HyperSpace roadmap is all about decentralization and making additional features automated and distributed with time. An important future milestone includes the eventual launch of a decentralized storage service that enables miners to host content and provide bandwidth in exchange for AMPs, while allowing users to upload audio and video files straight onto the HyperSpace platform, instead of linking them to external websites. Click here to view our full roadmap.

How can I earn through HyperSpace?

You can earn from HyperSpace in three main ways:

  1. As a Space admin, you receive a fixed share of your Space’s income
  2. As a creator, you get a major share of the amplifications given to your posts
  3. As a content consumer, you are rewarded based on your identification and sharing of quality content. You can learn more about the different options here.

What is user power?

Your user power in a Space reflects your degree of contribution to the communal space. When you create or share content that others enjoy – and when your posts gain AMPs – you achieve a higher user power in the Space. At the end of every day, those with the highest user powers receive a share of the Space’s total income.

How is user power calculated? How do I increase my user power?

User power is determined on a per-Space basis (i.e. your power could be different in every Space), according to how much you contribute. Three factors are taken into account:

  1. Creating value: The more your posts and comments get amplified by other users, the higher your power will be
  2. Setting trends: The earlier you recognize value and amplify or comment on a post before it becomes popular, the higher your power will be
  3. Increasing exposure: The more new people you bring to the Space from outside HyperSpace or from other Spaces, the higher your power will be

Is there a guide for accepted protocols and standards of behavior within HyperSpace?

Each Space has its own specific guidelines for moderation and establishes its own guidelines for accepted/inappropriate conduct and moderation. In general, any content can be posted. Of course, excellent, good-natured, and relevant content is best; posts that promote hateful, illegal or inappropriate activity will not be allowed.

Can I control and filter the types of content I see? Can I control and filter “Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) content?

By default, you will not see NSFW content when browsing through HyperSpace. You can change this setting in your feed preferences in the “User Settings” page.

Who can see Spaces and posts in HyperSpace?

Most of the Spaces and posts on HyperSpace are accessible and visible to all users, including those who are currently unregistered to HyperSpace. However, you must create an account and log in to perform any actions or earn AMPs. In the future, you’ll be able to prevent non-members from viewing certain spaces.

Can I block certain users or Spaces? Can Spaces block me?

Space admins can use their judgment to block users from posting and commenting in their Spaces (e.g. for violating community rules or using offensive language). You will still be able to subscribe to these Spaces and Amplify content within them.

Does HyperSpace charge any fees?

No. HyperSpace is designed as a platform to facilitate a decentralized economy, changing the current models and removing third parties who do not contribute to the peer-to-peer exchange of information and value.

What is an amplification? What happens when I amplify something?

An Amplification is when you give AMPs to a post or comment made by another user – a kind of investment in the content you enjoy. When you amplify a post or comment, you accomplish three things:

  1. You compensate those who brought it to your attention – including the original poster, anyone who’s shared it to where you see it, and the people responsible for managing the community/space it’s in
  2. You make the post more visible for other users in the space
  3. You create the potential to be rewarded with future AMPs when other people Amplify the post, since you helped bring it to their attention

Why do some of the posts in my feed have titles/headlines that are colored black, while others are gray?

Posts that you haven’t clicked on yet to open have the title/headline in black. Once you’ve opened the post, the title color changes to gray.

What is a top contributor?

Top contributors are those who accumulate the most user power in a particular post or Space. The HyperSpace economy is designed based on the principle that you should be rewarded for the value you create. In the spirit of this economic framework, top contributors are those who have created the most value, by posting content, Amplifying, and sharing content outside of HyperSpace and recruiting new users. You can read more about top contributors here.


What are AMPs?

The AMP, issued in 2015, is the cryptocurrency that powers the HyperSpace economy. AMPs have real value and incentivize users to reward each other for creating and sharing content – without any intermediaries or fees. You can earn and spend AMPs within HyperSpace, and swap them for other crypto or fiat currencies on a number of international exchanges.

How much are AMPs worth?

Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating based on a variety of external factors. The current AMP/USD exchange rate is:

Where can I exchange AMPs?

AMPs are available at the following exchanges:

  • Bittrex
  • HitBTC
  • Cryptopia
  • Upbit
  • ChangeNOW
  • Changelly

Where are AMPs stored in HyperSpace?

Your HyperSpace account includes a digital wallet, which stores all your AMPs. Only you can access this secured wallet, using your unique username and password. You can withdraw these AMPs and transfer them to any AMP-enabled cryptocurrency wallet.

How should I store AMPs outside of HyperSpace?

AMPs can be safely stored in your HyperSpace account. If you want to store them outside of HyperSpace, they need to be in a digital wallet that can recognize and handle AMPs (e.g. Omniwallet). Please note that HyperSpace is not responsible for anything that happens to AMPs outside the HyperSpace platform.

What are inactive AMPs?

Inactive AMPs are awarded to users as Universal Basic Income (UBI). They can be used to Amplify content or pay for posts within HyperSpace, but they cannot be withdrawn. You will continuously receive UBI in the form of inactive AMPs as long as you remain an active HyperSpace user.

What are active AMPs?

Active AMPs are AMPs that have been given to posts in verified Spaces. Once AMPs have been activated, a countdown of 45 days commences, during which they can continue being used, and after which they can be withdrawn to your private external address.

How can I change inactive AMPs into active AMPs?

Inactive AMPs are activated when you use them to Amplify content or pay for a post in a verified Space.

When I Amplify something, do inactive or active AMPs get transferred from my account?

When you Amplify a post, the HyperSpace system transfers your least active AMPs first, starting with completely inactive AMPs, and then moving to active AMPs with the most remaining time to unlock (TTU), from 45 days on down.

Do I need AMPs to access and view content on HyperSpace?

Most of the Spaces and posts on HyperSpace are accessible and visible to anyone, including unregistered users. However, you must create an account and log in to actively participate in HyperSpace – post, comment, receive your daily supply of AMPs, and get rewarded for your contributions.

Are AMPs earned in HyperSpace considered taxable income?

Since you are not being paid by HyperSpace, but rather are rewarded by the network, it is your responsibility to research and comply with any tax requirements of your local tax authorities pertaining to your activity in HyperSpace. This includes reporting the correct tax and AMP value amounts. When you create an account, you agree that HyperSpace is not accountable for calculating or determining whether taxes apply to your activity and transactions, nor is HyperSpace responsible for collecting, reporting, withholding or remitting any taxes arising from your activity on HyperSpace.


What information do I need to create an account?

To open an account, set up your profile, and enjoy most of the HyperSpace experience all you need is an email address.

To receive Universal Basic Income (UBI), you’ll need to add & verify your phone number.

Why do I need to enter an email and phone number to sign up to HyperSpace?

Each verified HyperSpace account automatically receives a daily allowance of our digital currency (AMPs). Phone verification helps to cut down on system abuse.

My email or phone number is not being recognized. What should I do?

Please contact our support team.

Why can't I verify my phone number and receive UBI?

At this time, SMS phone verification on HyperSpace needs to be done using a valid mobile phone number. VOIP or landline numbers will not work. Additionally, SMS phone verification is not available in all countries. SMS phone verification and UBI is currently limited to: United States, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Am I allowed to create and open multiple HyperSpace accounts?

No. Every user is entitled to one allotment of Universal Basic Income (UBI), which requires there to be a limit of one account per user. If system abuse and/or multiple accounts per user are detected, the system might disable your account altogether.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click Login In and then click Forgot Password.

User Account and Profile

What information is available in my profile?

At the moment, your profile contains your username, title, and profile picture. We’ll add more profile features in the next versions.

Where can I see information and statistics about my account? (Balance, spending, income, etc.)

Click the AMP icon (which appears in the top-right corner of your screen) to see statistics on your account. Future HyperSpace versions will include more statistics on your profile page.

Can I edit or change my profile information?

At the moment, your profile contains your username, title, and profile picture. We’ll add more profile features in the next versions.

Can I delete or deactivate my HyperSpace account?

Yes. For more information please contact support.


What is a HyperSpace space?

HyperSpace spaces are online spaces that each have a dedicated theme/ Within each space, people with common interests can publish and exchange information and content, offer insights and, of course, award and earn AMPs for community activity.

Who can create a space?

Anyone (almost)!

Hyperspace is an open platform that enables the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and content. However, spaces that promote hateful, illegal or inappropriate activity will not be allowed.

What is a Space admin responsible for?

Space admins are responsible for moderating, managing, and running the flow of content in the community. They are fair-minded leaders who guide the community, recruit and nurture creators, govern member behavior, resolve conflicts, remove questionable material, root out fake users, and tend to the general wellbeing and success of the community.

In addition, Space admins are able to appoint Moderators – people who help manage the Space and the quality of content therein. Admins also get to decide how much the Moderators in their Space earn.

Can there be more than one Space admin?

There can be only one Space Admin. As the default setting, the Space Admin is the one of opens the Space. If an Admin wishes to reassign ownership if a Space, they can contact support to do so.

What are the benefits of becoming a Space admin?

The financial benefit of becoming a Space admin is enjoying a fixed share of the space’s income. The better you are at your admin job (acquiring quality content, filtering out junk, high retention rate of engaged users), the higher your reward is.

However, a Space admin is much more than just an income-earner. As an admin, you can shape your space according to your vision and build a live community where real economic incentives are given to the right people, who help make the community truly thrive.

What is a Space moderator?

Moderators are chosen by the Space Admin to assist with Space management. They are able to verify/reject posts, as well as remove community managers who go against the Space rules.

The Space admin decides what percentage of income goes to the Space moderators.

Can I edit or delete a space?

If you are the admin, you can easily edit your space information using the Settings page. Deleting spaces is not available at the moment.

What is a verified Space?

A verified Space means that all Amplifications made within it turn inactive AMPs into active AMPs.

What is a pending Space?

In a pending Space, posts are live, visible, and accessible to all users. However, the AMPs used within a pending Space remain inactive until the Space is verified.

What is Space income?

Space income is the total amount of AMPs generated within a community/space. Every day, a sizable portion of these AMPs is distributed between the community’s moderators and top contributing users.

Does it cost anything to create a space?

It currently costs 1,000 AMPs to open a Space. This is several days’ worth of UBI, meaning that to create a Space, you need to be an active participant in HyperSpace and contribute or Amplify content such that it earns you AMPs beyond what you get from UBI alone. The fee to open a Space is subject to change.

The name I want for my Space is taken. What should I do?

Space names are unique. If the name you want is taken by an inactive Space, you should consider selecting an available variation. We do not generally accept requests to change ownership of Space names that seem inactive. Additionally, you may not be able to tell whether a Space is currently truly inactive, since not all signs of activity are publicly visible. However, you can contact us to request that the Space name be transferred to you, and our support team will let you know whether or not it is possible.

In the future, we’ll allow bidding on inactive Spaces after their admins have been given sufficient warning.

How can I get my Space verified?

In the future, verification of Spaces will be handled by the decentralized community. At the moment, this process is handled by HyperSpace and based on meeting the minimum guidelines:

  1. Posts are original or otherwise provide credit/link and describe its relevance to the Space
  2. The time to verify posts by the Space admin is short
  3. The economic activity within the Space is genuine and reflects real interactions around the creation and curation of content
  4. The Space has been active for at least two weeks

Click here to learn more about Spaces.

Can a Space lose its verified Space status?

Yes. If a Space does not maintain the standards of quality required, it will automatically lose its verified status.


Who can post on HyperSpace?

All registered users can post on HyperSpace.

How do I add an image or video to my post?

There are various ways to add media to your post, and you can choose whichever method you prefer.

To add images or videos you can either copy/paste, or use the “Add image” or “Add video” features from the text editor toolbar. Adding videos via the “Add video” button will allow the videos to be played directly from the post (not just as an external link).

Can I edit or delete a post?

Please note that deleting a post will only delete its content (e.g. title, body, image), but Amplifications and comments it received will not be deleted.
Editing a post will change its status to “pending,” so the community admin will need to review it again.

Do I need to pay to post? Does posting cost anything?

This depends on the Space and what the admins have decided. Some admins have a Space governance system which charges for each post; others do not.

Why is the Publish button not working?

Your post needs to contain a title, content, and a preview image. Once you insert these three elements, you will be able to publish.

Why can't I see my post?

When you submit a post, its status is automatically verified and it can immediately be Amplified. However, a Space Admin or moderator may review the post later and reject it if it is determined to not meet the standards they have set for their Space. If an admin rejects a post, it will not show up and will no longer be able to be Amplified. 

How do I embed content in my post?

To embed content in your post, you need to click the Embed Player icon (</>), enter the embed code, and click the checkmark. Your content should then appear embedded in your post.


Can I edit or delete a comment?

Yes, but Amplifications and comments it received will not be deleted.


How do I deposit AMPs into my HyperSpace account?

The current version of HyperSpace does not support AMP deposits, but a depositing feature will be available in the very near future. In the meantime, you can enjoy the free AMPs you receive as daily Universal Basic Income (UBI).


Can I withdraw AMPs from my HyperSpace account?

Not yet. Withdrawing AMPs will be available in the next version.

Universal Basic Income

What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is free, guaranteed monetary allowance, distributed to all HS users for the purposes of bootstrapping and maintaining an economy where everyone can participate. In HyperSpace, UBI is distributed daily to all active users in the form of inactive AMPs, so that every user can contribute and benefit from the content economy. For a complete explanation of Universal Basic Income, read this.

How much Universal Basic Income (UBI) do I receive every day?

The daily UBI per user is currently set at 100 AMPs.

Will I ever stop receiving Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

The purpose of UBI is to power HyperSpace’s social content economy and give everyone the opportunity to actively participate in the platform. If your account accumulates three days’ worth of inactive AMPs, you will not receive additional UBI until your HyperSpace activity causes your balance to fall back below this amount.

Why did my UBI stop?

It is possible that your UBI stopped due to user inactivity. The purpose of the daily UBI allotment of AMPs is to provide everyone with an immediate entry point to participate in the social content economy by giving you AMPs to use to create Spaces, post, and reward content you care about.

If a user has accumulated more than three days’ worth of UBI, but has been holding onto their inactive AMPs – not rewarding content or participating in the HyperSpace economy to a sufficient degree to use up those AMPs – UBI payouts will stop until the system notices the resumption of activity.

Please note, that when a user participates in the social content economy in a meaningful way, creating and sharing quality content that gets rewarded or being one of the first to Amplify the content of other users, the potential AMPs earned can easily outpace the small amount of UBI spending needed to enter the economy.

Can I just hoard and withdraw my UBI?

AMPs received through UBI are not meant to be saved indefinitely. They are meant to give everyone an immediate entry point into HyperSpace, to provide you with AMPs to start contributing and participating in the content economy by rewarding content you like and think others will appreciate as well.

By spending the inactive AMPs you receive as UBI in a way that adds value to your peers, by creating and sharing content, and by becoming one of a Space’s top contributors, you can potentially earn much more than the daily UBI allotment of AMPs.


What are copyrights and what do they protect?

In most countries, copyright is a legal right that protects original works of authorship. Typically, if you create something original, you obtain copyright from the moment of its creation. Copyright covers a wide variety of types of works, including visual, audio, and written works. Remember, only original works are eligible for copyright protection. To be original enough for copyright protection, work needs to be created by the author themselves and must have some minimal amount of creativity.

How do I know if I own a copyright?

In general, the person who creates an original work owns the copyright on it. For example, if you lead a podcast, you likely own the copyright to that podcast. If you write a story, you probably own the copyright to it. Similarly, if you take a photo or video, you generally own the copyright to that work.

How can I make sure the content I post to HyperSpace doesn't violate copyright law?

The best way to help make sure that what you post to HyperSpace doesn’t violate copyright law is to only post content that you’ve created yourself. While you may be allowed to embed someone else’s content if you give credit and/or link to the original, it is sometimes possible to infringe someone else’s copyright when you post their content on HyperSpace, even if you:

  1. Bought or downloaded the content (example: a song from iTunes)
  2. Recorded the content onto your recording device (examples: a song playing in the background during a party, concert, sporting event, wedding, etc.)
  3. Gave credit to the copyright owner
  4. Included a disclaimer that you didn’t intend to infringe copyright
  5. Didn’t mean to profit from it
  6. Modified the work or added your original material to it
  7. Found the content available on the internet
  8. Saw that others posted the same content as well
  9. Said that the use is fair use

Tips for posting content: Before you post content on HyperSpace, you may want to ask:

  1. Did I create all of the content myself?
  2. Do I have permission to use all of the content included in my post?
  3. Does my use of the content fall within an exception to copyright infringement?
  4. Is the content protected by copyright (for example, is it a short phrase, idea or public domain work)?

What happens if something I post to HyperSpace gets flagged or reported for a copyright violation?

You may only post content to HyperSpace that doesn’t violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. If you tried to post something and it was immediately removed, it may have been identified as potentially containing someone else’s copyrighted content. It may also have been reported as a copyright violation and removed by the Space admin.

How do I report a copyright violation?

If you believe someone is infringing on your copyright, you can report it to us by sending an email to [email protected]

Remember, only the copyright owner or their authorized representative may file a report of copyright infringement. If you believe something on HyperSpace infringes on someone else’s copyright, you may want to let the rights owner know.

Please note that we may need to provide the rights owner’s name, your email, and the details of your report to the person who posted the content you are reporting. In the case that you are an authorized representative submitting a report, we provide the name of the organization or client that owns the right in question. You may wish to provide a valid generic business or professional email for this reason.


Is HyperSpace GDPR compliant? How do I submit a request and access information?

Yes. GDPR went into effect on May 25, 2018. This enables HyperSpace users who reside in the EU (“EU residents” or “data subjects”) to exercise certain rights with respect to their data. These include the rights to access, rectify, erase, and restrict personal data. You can learn more about your rights here.

We appointed as our representative according to Art 27 GDPR. If you want to make use of your GDPR data privacy rights, please visit:

You can also contact at:
iuro | Dr. Andreas Mätzler
Attorney at Law
c/o Synereo
Schellinggasse 3/10
1010 Vienna, Austria

Please add the following subject to all correspondence: GDPR-REP ID: 15255512.

Please note that if you request the deletion of data we collect for legal or identity verification purposes, you may be required to close your account.