Phase 1: Q1 2017 - Q1 2018

An Attention Economy Layer for the Web

Alpha → MVP → Beta

Status: Done

Released as Alpha on March 2017, WildSpark, HyperSpace’s first product, is a platform-agnostic attention economy layer deployed on top of existing social media hubs. WildSpark allows content creators and curators to benefit directly from the value they generate online.

Continuing development based on actual results, the MVP was released to selected community members on August 2017. A few iterations later, WildSpark’s initial feature set reached maturity and graduated to Open Beta status. This more mature version was released to a wider public, which started using WildSpark daily. To this day, thousands of dollars worth of AMPs are continually given to creators through WildSpark each week.

WildSpark has facilitated the transfer of over $1.2M USD to creators from people incentivized via the product to support their creations directly. HyperSpace charges no fees for this service.

Build User Base → Create Partnerships → Support More Platforms

Status: Launched February 2018

To significantly expand the user base and network, HyperSpace is approaching major content creators, publishers, and old-school distributors looking to join the decentralization revolution. This is where the AMP’s war-chest comes in handy, providing handsome incentives to drive talent migration to the platform. We are already in touch with a few big names who wish to monetize their activity using our novel means.

With support for more media platforms, and with AMPs acquiring more and more integrated and effective uses within the network’s internal economy, the range of content and value-creation activities monetizable with HyperSpace grows, and with it the proliferation of the AMP. WildSpark now supports additional platforms beyond YouTube, allowing curation of text, image, video, and audio.

Phase 2: Q4 2018 - Q1 2020

HyperSpace Alpha

Status: Launched December 2018

In Q4 2018 and following the success of WildSpark, Synereo – parent company of WildSpark and HyperSpace – rebranded itself as HyperSpace and introduced its new product, also named HyperSpace.

HyperSpace is founded on the assumption that all value creators in the online content economy should be rewarded for their contributions. With every contribution incentivized and recognized, HyperSpace communities draw the best creators and curators, facilitating the highest-quality spaces for content, discussion, and connection on the web.

The Alpha stage tested user experience assumptions, as well as the technical foundations of the new network, among a limited number of alpha testers. Most importantly, it validated the novel economic models underlying all interactions between users within HyperSpace groups (aka “Spaces”).

In this initial phase, data was collected into a centralized staging database to record information regarding the social network graph, content, and Amplifications. The information flowing to users and the rewards they receive based on our economic models was processed, analyzed, tested and modified, to better facilitate the creation and curation of quality content and make sure everyone is fairly rewarded.

HyperSpace Beta

Status: Launched January 2019

With this version, all posts on HyperSpace are fed directly to an IPFS-based decentralized storage solution. These posts, including uploaded images, will forever be available on the decentralized cloud, with access unmediated by HyperSpace and independent of its existence.

Following Alpha testing and other technical improvements being integrated into this version, and user experience enhancements implemented based on the community’s feedback, HyperSpace will become open to all users. Every user will be able to open their own Space and be its admin, leading their community to growth and success.

HyperSpace Mainstream Launch

Status: Launching Q3 2019

This version will introduce additional economic measures, providing incentives for further, finer contributing actions, such as the Amplification of comments and pending posts, essentially allowing for distribution of the Admin and Moderator roles. With these and other features in play, users will be able to take a more active part in forming and nurturing their Spaces.

New customization mechanisms will also be introduced. These will focus on enabling admins to differentiate their Spaces with various governance models, changing the allocation of AMPs earned by Space members, themselves, moderators, and contributing users, as well as change community guidelines, trending algorithms for changing the priority of how posts are sorted, and even the foundational economic assumptions themselves. These different Space structures will expand the range of possible communities supported by HyperSpace, as well as facilitate healthy competition between the different governance and economic models that will spawn.

During this stage, we’ll onboard many content creators and group admins who share HyperSpace’s vision from various other social media sites. HyperSpace will be going mainstream, matching existing social platforms with the twist of a better economic and social models, where all participants are rewarded and socially recognized – in a fair, decentralized environment.

Additional Space economy and decentralized governance features

Status: Launching Q4 2019 - Q1 2020

Throughout 2019, HyperSpace will see many new additions; some pre-planned, others in response to ongoing activity and user feedback. Here are some features we plan to launch in the coming year:

  1. Space income split customization – Space admins will be able to offer customized income structures (for example: give more to creators and less to the Space, split to the top 50 users instead of the top 10 users, etc)
  2. User Power formula customization – Space admins will be able to calibrate the incentive model in their Spaces according to perceived actions’ importance (for example: give a higher weight to bringing new people, give less weight to the user’s Amplifications, give a higher weight to users who reject pending posts and assist the Space admin, etc.)
  3. Space verification voting – The community will determine which Spaces should be verified and allowed to engage in full economic activity
  4. Change basic economic functions – Fans of radical markets? Change your Space to count Amplifications using completely different models.
  5. SubSpaces – Allow Spaces to be created under existing Spaces, creating a nested structure of economically-interconnected Spaces
  6. Proxies: Allow a percentage of your AMPs to be allocated to other members, either to be used for Amplification, or as an additional means of support.

Phase 3: Q4 2019

Decentralize All The Things

Host Content On Decentralized Cloud

Status: Launched with HyperSpace Alpha

Remove the reliance on central storage solutions.

As a first step towards a fully decentralized platform, all HyperSpace posts are hosted on the decentralized cloud. See the “How It Works” section of the site for more details.

Decentralized CDN

Status: Launching Q4 2019

Remove the need for centralized content hubs and distribution networks.

We’re developing a solution to meet our requirements for a decentralized storage solution, capable of handling:

  • Load (for example, a popular image that is accessed by a million visitors)
  • Data integrity (for example, a post that is uploaded but that no one views have to stay accessible)
  • Bandwidth (for example, video streaming in high quality)

HyperSpace is developing an independent and decentralized storage network where user posts, including rich media, can be stored and retrieved without relying on existing content hubs.

We aim to introduce and integrate another incentive mechanism within HyperSpace’s economic model. This solution will add miners as additional HyperSpace stakeholders; they’ll be rewarded with AMPs for contributing storage and bandwidth resources to support the HyperSpace content network. Sophisticated fraud prevention tools will monitor the system and identify malicious users seeking to exploit the system for their own benefit.

Decentralized Attention Economy Layer

Status: depends on tech availability

Remove the need for HyperSpace centralized database and logic.

There currently does not exist a blockchain answering our requirements, able to run the Attention Economy logic in a secure and scalable manner. We will continually follow and research the available blockchains that are most compatible with our requirements. As we all know, this is a rapidly evolving space. It’s especially important for us to find a stable blockchain solution with good smart contracting capabilities.

Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Communications Layer

Status: depends on tech availability

Remove the need for HyperSpace as the mediator for social interactions.

HyperSpace requires scalable, secure and low-cost communication and payment channels all still early in development. We are looking for a solution to facilitate the secure transfer of value off-chain, avoiding the bottleneck created by slow global consensus regarding blockchain use.

We plan to allow users to directly connect to one another (in a peer-to-peer fashion) from their web browsers, without the need for communications to be proxied by a third-party server (i.e. a middleman) using technologies such as sharding and Plasma cash on the Ethereum network.

However, HyperSpace could reach maturity before existing blockchain technology is capable of underlying the fully-developed product. Should this occur, HyperSpace will continue advancing the experience and the economy facilitated by it. We will not let the lack of technology stop us from pushing the platform onward.

Migrate User Data Into Decentralized Solution

Status: depends on tech availability

In the initial phase, data is collected into a centralized staging database where information regarding the social network graph, content, amplifications, and information flowing to users based on our economic models will be recorded. This will help us test and modify the model to better incentivize the creation and curation of quality content.

Once a decentralized solution exists, this data will directly feed into the decentralized social networking platform, securely and privately. Users will still be able to choose to participate in an opt-in program and voluntarily share data with HyperSpace to help us modify the economic models and strengthen our backend processes.

Phase 4: 2020

The Full Circle

HyperSpace’s Native Content Hosting dApp

Status: depends on tech availability

Once we’ve decentralized the means of social communication, collaboration and information dissemination, we will enable HyperSpace users to upload their content directly to a decentralized network, while fully controlling how it’s accessed, monetized, and spread through the network.

Fully Decentralized and Distributed Social Network

Status: depends on tech availability

With current social networks, you are not the client, you are the product being sold. The value you create by being a part of the network immediately flows upwards, reaching only a select few: those who control the network. With HyperSpace’s completely decentralized and distributed network, you are in control. The value you create remains in your hands. The HyperSpace’s next-gen social network puts security, identity, and community management directly under your purview, respecting your attention and rewarding you for your activity on the network.

As the user-generated content is already stored on a fully decentralized infrastructure, this final step would transform the social communication and interaction inside HyperSpace into a decentralized network with complete community governance over further developments and changes.

HyperSpace is committed to making all of the work we do in the decentralized space open-source, producing high-quality library code for the community.