Space Verification Application Form

To get verified, your Space should meet – and maintain – the following criteria:

  • The Space has been active for at least two weeks
  • The Space has ample subscribers, frequent quality posts, and Amplifications
  • There are no junk posts in the Space. Make sure verified posts are well-formed: brandishing a fitting title, description, body, and preview image
  • Every post in the Space is either original or otherwise does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights
  • Sometimes, posts will simply be links to rare finds or extremely newsworthy items; at other times, they’ll be an almost-complete copy-paste from another source. There’s room for such things in a healthy Space, but do make sure that when such posts are approved, they really deserve a place in your Space – adding value to it
  • Regardless, the author of the material must be given credit; a link to the source must be present in every non-original post
  • The Space admin’s response time to reject posts that don’t belong in the Space is short
  • Economic activity within the Space is genuine and reflects real interactions around the creation and curation of content

If your Space meets all of the above, it is a prime candidate for verification. Simply fill out the form below to apply.